10月13日(火)より、新クラスとなる『クリエイティブ イングリッシュ&バレエ』を開講いたします!


Our new class “Creative English & Ballet” is starting 13 Oct. 2020!
The session is on every Tuesday from 3:45pm to 4:15pm at Ikeshita Studio for age group of 2.5 to 3.5-year old kids.





This class will lead kids to be familiar with ballet and English through exciting music and encourage them to love dance as they move more freely and creatively with their friends in class!



お問い合わせはホームページ上部 ”CONTACT” より、メッセージをお送りください。

Please book for your free trial through “CONTACT” and we are looking forward to seeing you at the class❤



●Creative English & Ballet●

毎週火曜日 Tuesday

@池下スタジオ Ikeshita Studio


時間 Time


対象年齢 Age Group

2歳半~3歳半 2.5~3.5-year old 


料金 Price

  • 1回(1 class):¥1,000
  • チケット Ticket:4 classes ¥3,200(1カ月期限)(Duration of 1 month)



Download Information (PDF)

↓click here

Creative Ballet Info









Please check the information for Term2 (17 August to 26 December) and let us know if you have any change in classes to take.



🌟新クラス New Class Info

◉毎週水曜日 Wednesday @池下スタジオ Ikeshita Studio

5:30pm~6:30pm Level 3 Ballet


For grade 1-2 students (age 6-8)


◉毎週木曜日 Thursday @千年スタジオ Chitose Studio

6:30pm-7:30pm Level 4 Ballet

※水曜日6pm-7pm Level 3-4クラスが移動、Level 4 Ballet に変更。


◉毎週火曜日 Tuesday @池下スタジオIkeshita Studio

5:30pm~6:30pm Level 4 Ballet

※Level 3-4 Ballet→Level 4 Ballet に変更。



🌟レベルについて About levels of the classes

(大体の目安です。)(Indication of the levels)

Level 1-2: 3~6歳 (Age 3-6)

Level  3: 6~8歳 (Age 6-8)

Level 3-4: 6~11歳 (Age 6-11)

Level  4: 8歳以上(Age 8~)




Timetable and the Price


PDFはこちら(PDF file)




Please make your payment through bank transfer, Paypal or PayPay. (Please bring exact money if you would like to pay by cash. PayPay is available at the studio.)



●カレンダー Calendar


PDFはこちら(PDF file)


2020カレンダー 8後半 Aug

2020カレンダー 9 Sep

2020カレンダー 10 Oct

2020カレンダー 11 Nov

2020カレンダー 12 Dec




(English follows Japanese)

8月8日(土)TSDA Japan 第4回発表会は、新型コロナウイルス感染拡大防止策として、出演者のご家族の皆さまのみ観覧可能となっております。ご来場頂けない方で観覧を希望される方は、ライブストリーミング配信をご利用ください。
●ZOOM ウェビナーを使用します。(発表会の映像・音声のみが配信されます。)





Please check the important information about the tickets for TSDA Japan Annual Production 2020.
🌟The Tickets for the Audience Seats
●For infection control for COVID-19, only the families of the performers can attend the show this time. We do not sell more ticket and a day-of-performance tickets are not available either.
●For the parents of the performers, please submit your guests list if you have not hand in at the studio. (You can send us the name of the guests and their phone numbers through out email if you do not have any chance to visit the studio until the day of the concert.)
●We can refund the tickets if you let us know by 7 August (Fri) only for this show. Please make sure  to give us your tickets which are not in use after the concert.
🌟Live Streaming Tickets
●Please apply for your Live Streaming tickets by 3pm on 7 August (Fri).
●The details will sent to the applicants from 4 August (Tue).
●This Live Streaming will be broadcast through ZOOM Webinar.
(Only the video and the sound of our performance will be available to be watched.)
●You can connect some devices on your application.



For guests who cannot visit the theatre to watch the show, we decided to have our first ever live streaming concert for this production!
This will be an amazing opportunity that people from anywhere around the world can witness our students’ performances♪
Please apply with the application sheet below or send us email to
get the live streaming ticket!

Application cost:¥3,000
Date of the show:8 August (Sun)
Show time:5pm〜7pm(Estimated time)

●How to join the live streaming concert?●
(Meeting room will open at 4:30pm)
①Open ZOOM on your devices
②Select “Join the meeting”
③Type the ID and the Password (we will send you on your application) and change the display name to the DANCER’S FULL NAME.
④Turn off your video and mute yourself.
⑤Click join the meeting.
⑥Wait until our staff accept your request.
※We cannot accept the request if you display name is not the students name who applied for our live streaming concert!!




タイムテーブル Timetable

・幼児→L1/2 小学生→L3/4 に名前が変更になりました。(メルボルン校と形態をそろえるため。)
Class names have been changed and now “Kinder Class” is “L1/2” and “U12 Class” is “L3/4” just to adopt the style of our sister school in Australia.

NO REGULAR CLASSES on August 1 (at Ikeshita studoio), 4 and 5. There will be production rehearsals in each of the day.



PDFはこちら(PDF file)


2020.7 Timetable







料金 Price

Monthly payment will be adopted until July and we start organizing our classes by term from 19 August which is the beginning of Term 2 for this year.



PDFはこちら(PDF file)


料金 Price 2020.7




Please make your payment through bank transfer or Paypal from this year. Now we are try not to accept cash at the studio in terms of infection control.






7・8月カレンダー July August Calendar









PDFはこちら(PDF file)


2020カレンダー 7


2020カレンダー 8









(English follows Japanese.)













As a safety measure, we give our best to provide a comfortable and riskless place for our students to dance in terms of hygiene control at the studio.

At the same time, we would like you to follow the instruction below to protect our community from coronavirus.

●Safety Policy for Coronavirus●

・The studio  are cleaned to help prevent the possible spread of Coronavirus.

・Please check the students do not have fever at home before classes.
(Lower body temperature possibly weaken immunity  in their body so please make sure the students attend the classes with full of health condition.)

・Please wear a mask on your entrance into the studio.

・Please wash your hands with soap prior to every class and sanitize with alcohol.

・Please drop your kids and pick them up at the door if it is possible otherwise be seated to wait keeping the space between other parents regarding social distancing.

・Only one parent  for a student allowed to enter the studio. (Excluding small siblings need to be with their parents.)

・We will keep the door and the windows open during the classes just to let the fresh air comes in.

・Please follow cough etiquette.