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担当クラス CLASS: 火曜日 Tuesday L1 Ballet, L2 Ballet / 土曜日 Saturday L1 Ballet, L2 Ballet


Ava started dancing in regional NSW under Penny Gurner, director of NEDT at the age of 12. Discovering dance as a passion, she began training at Armidale Dance Academy in addition to her training at NEDT. Completing two Royal Academy of Dance exams a year she was able to progress to full-time training in QLD at the Ransley Ballet and Dance Centre, under former Royal Ballet member Nicole Ransley and Dutch National ballet member Joy Ransley. Ava also has performed as a part of the corps de ballet with the Gold Coast City Ballet Company dancing in many modern contemporary pieces as well as classical roles from Paquita, Concerto, Les Sylphide, Swan Lake and Viva Vivaldi. In Queensland, Ava shared her rich experience of dance inspiring young students in her Tiny Tots classes. She now studies Liberal Arts at Victorian University and is enjoying studying academically and being involved in the dance industry through teaching. Ava is excited to develop the skills and love of performing arts working with the next generation of dancers here at Two Shoes Dance Academy.




担当クラス CLASS: 火曜日 Tuesday L4 Jazz, L4 Ballet, L4L5 Contemporary, L5 Ballet


Michael is a graduate of the Victorian College of the Arts Secondary and the New Zealand school of Dance in Wellington, New Zealand. Michael left early in his 3rd year at NZSD to begin working with Australian Dance Theatre under renowned choreographer Garry Stewart. Also dancing in Opera Australia’s award winning production of ‘King Roger’ (2017) at the Sydney Opera house. His exploits have led him to various countries around the world including training in Wundang Kung-fu in Wudang, China. Michael has choreographed various works including ‘the Sweet spot’ (2015) ADT creative season, ‘Crazy 88’ (2017) for The Ministry of Dance and ‘Dying for life’ (2017) for Adelaide College of the Arts class of 2017 graduating season. Michael has worked for Two Shoes Dance Academy as a guest teacher between travelling over the years and is pleased to be coordinating the contemporary program and teaching Southern Federation of Dance syllabus classes.




担当クラス CLASS: 月曜日 Monday L3 Ballet, L3 Jazz / 水曜日 Wednesday Kinder Ballet


Georgia Atherton began dancing at the age of three and trained heavily in Classical Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Lyrical and Hip-Hop under the guidance of Karen-Ann Thomas and Jenny Langford, the past directors of Belmont Dance Centre, coastal NSW. After realising her desire to dance professionally, Georgia Atherton was awarded a full two year scholarship to further her dance training at Jason Coleman’s Ministry of Dance. Whilst training full-time, Georgia was lucky enough to gain industry experience and perform in corporate events such as White Night Melbourne, the Melbourne Cup, and events for the Victorian Racing Club.She was also a featured dancer for the Australian Artist, Tones and I, and performed in the televised performance for the AFL Grand Final Revue.
Georgia Atherton has a strong passion for teaching technique and choreography.



担当クラス CLASS: 木曜日 Thursday L3 Ballet, L4 Ballet, L5 Ballet / 土曜日 Saturday L2 Jazz

Niina received a scholarship to Jason Coleman’s Ministry of Dance full time course and recently graduated after studying a Diploma in Musical Theatre for two years. During this time she has experienced credits such as Australia’s Got Talent, White Night Melbourne, AFL Footy Show Revue and performing at the Flemington All Star races. Niina’s excited to share her knowledge and passion for dance and the performing arts with the younger generation at Two Shoes Dance Academy. She is thrilled to become a part of the team for 2020 and cannot wait to start this journey!



TSDA Japanでは当初5月11日以降の通常レッスン再開を予定しておりましたが、愛知県内の学校の休校状況を考慮し、通常レッスンの再開を6月以降に見送らせて頂くことに決定いたしました。

We just decided to postpone the date to start our new term at the studio later than June due to the situation which the schools in Aichi prefecture will be closed until the end of May.



TSDA JapanおよびAustralia では、現在、全クラスオンラインレッスンに切り替えてレッスンを続行させて頂いております。通常レッスンが行えない中、今回メルボルン校とも協議を行い、5/11~5/30(現在行っている4/21~5/9のオンラインレッスン期間終了後)の3週間の間、なんと、メルボルン校のオンラインレッスンに日本の生徒の皆さんが、一緒に参加させて頂けることになりました!!!TSDA初のオーストラリアと日本のスタジオのコラボレーションです!

Currently, TSDA (Japan and Australia) are running all classes online which enable students to have social connection with their teachers and peers within the comfort of your own home.  For this time, as a reaction to the government decision, we had some discussion between the schools in Japan and Australia and now we’ve made a decision to offer Australian online classes to the students in Japan for 3 weeks from 11 May to 30 May (after we finish the special online term until 9 May) which will be the very first collaboration of Australia and Japan since TSDA history has started!!!


日本にいながらオーストラリアの先生方の指導を受けることができる、最初で最後になるかもしれない?!またとない機会です!!下記のスケジュール等詳細を、必ずご確認いただき、ご予約はLINE又はメール、お電話にて、5月8日(金)までに必ずご連絡ください。スクール生以外の方のお問い合わせは、こちらのリンク→ \お問い合わせフォーム/  またはお電話にて承りますので、お気軽にご連絡ください!

It will be once in a lifetime experience for you as it gives you a fabulous opportunity to take Australian  teachers’ classes!! Please check the details below for timetable and price and book your classes through out Email, LINE or phone call  by 8 May (Fri)! New students can get in touch with us by sending email to ” ”  to proceed your inquiry.



The students who attend those classes will get original designed Two Shoes drink bottle and backpack from TSDA Australia and also replay videos  and music playlists of the classes will be available for your practice at home!! We are super excited to seeing you at TSDA Australia Online Classes🌟

キャロライン先生からのメッセージ→\Message from Miss Caroline/


【TSDA Australia Online Timetable】

メルボルン校 オンラインレッスンタイムテーブル



PDFはこちら(PDF file for the timetable)


TSDA Australia 2020 Online Timetable 5.11-5.30 











1  ¥1,500 ¥4,500
¥2,700 ¥8,100
¥3,500 ¥10,500


¥4,000 ¥12,000

※土曜日フォローアップクラス @TSDA Japan(詳細は下記に記載)
1回:¥1,200(メルボルン校のレッスンを受けられる方は無料でご受講いただけます。 )
Follow Up Classes on Saturday @TSDA Japan (Details included below)
1 Class: ¥1,200 (Students who attend Australian classes can take those classes for free.)



【Age Guide】クラスガイド

Age groups are used as a rough guide.

Director will make contact individually with each of the students to talk about their level. 

Kinder 幼児 3, 4
Level1(L1) 4, 5
Level2(L2) 5, 6
Level3(L3) 6, 7
Level4(L4) 7, 8
Level5(L5) 9-11


Follow-Up Classes on Saturday @TSDA Japan


期間中土曜日の午後に、講師 里奈によるTSDA Japan生徒向けのフォローアップクラスをオンラインにて行います。各レベルごとに、その週のレッスンでの質問を受け付けたり、レッスンで習った内容、また先生がよく話していた英語の復習を交えたレッスンを行います。平日や土曜日の朝のクラスに参加出来ないという方も、1週間のハイライトを詰め込んだ盛りだくさんのクラスとなりますので、是非奮ってご参加ください♪

During those 3 weeks (11 May to 30 May), there will be a follow-up classes for the students in TSDA Japan by Miss. Rina just to review what they’ve learnt from Australian teachers in that week. We will also have some time to think about the questions they’ve got including some English phrases which were often used in the sessions.  

Booking is essential for those classes as well.




Early reservation is highly recommended since some classes have only few spaces available.

There are a teacher who speaks both Japanese and English, but classes will be run basically in English


4/28~5/9の日本でのオンラインレッスンでは、より一層、完全英語でのレッスンを受講するための準備をしていきます。そちらもご受講を希望の方は \こちら/ からスケジュールをご確認いただき、お電話、メール、LINEにてご連絡ください♪
For the rest of online classes until 9 May currently we are running in TSDA Japan, we will have some preparation for those Australian classes which will lead the students to learn the most from Australian teachers for 3 weeks! If you are interested in joining those sessions as well, we are all welcome to have you from this week! Please check the detail from this link→ \Online Classes TSDA Japan/ and feel free to contact us by sending email to ” “.

→Our principal Miss. Caroline will come to see you this Saturday 2 May via ZOOM at the class from 2:30pm and 3:20pm!!

Original drink bottle and backpack will be given to you when international EMS between Japan and Australia resume its operation.



Two Shoes Dance Academy のチームメンバーは、これまでのオンラインレッスンを通じ、ダンスは外出出来ない子供たちにとって、それぞれの心の中でイマジネーションの世界を広げてくれる、大切なツールの一つになり得ると実感しています。自粛が続く毎日ですが、外に出られない代わりに、オンラインで国境を越え、同じユニフォームを着た地球の向こう側のオーストラリアの友達と一緒に体を動かし、少しでも子供達に刺激のある、楽しい時間を過ごして頂ければと思います♪

As we’ve been running our online classes for about a month so far, our team is getting realize that dance can be a great method to nurture your child’s imagination especially while they cannot go out and get much less interesting information from outside world. We strongly hope our students to have a great time with dance by crossing the border online and seeing new friends on the other side of the world in the same uniforms which can be a great inspiration to them.



TSDA Australia & Japan


























Under the situation of emergency call by the government, again we decided to cancel all the classes at the studio from 7 to 31 May.


For our students and their families, please keep your eyes on our messages by LINE or email which tells you when we reopen the studio.

Hope you take good care of yourself and see you at the studio when we are back in the studio!

Thank you.


(English follows Japanese)


オンラインレッスン 参加方法

Two Shoes Dance Academy Japanでは、Zoomを使ったオンラインレッスンを開講しております。





パソコンの場合はURL にアクセスするだけ、
スマホやタブレットでしたら”zoom cloud meeting”というアプリをダウンロードして頂き、ミーティングIDとパスワードを入力するだけで参加可能です!









        •          →デバイス側(スマホ本体)の設定で「マイク」や「音量」がオフになっていないか確認する






How to Join Online Classes?


Two Shoes Dance Academy Japan are now offering online dance classes by Zoom.

Please refer to the URL below for the information to know how does it work in each devices.


How to join the meeting by Zoom

If you use your laptop, please just access to the URL we will send you before the class and if you use your tablet or smart phone, please download the app called “Zoom Cloud Meeting” first and put the Meeting ID we will send.


Here are some notice to help you joining our online classes more comfortably and please feel free to ask us if you have any questions.

Looking forward to seeing on at online classes!!


・We send URL, ID and password to only the students who applied for the classes in terms of security measures.

・Please make sure your application of Zoom is updated to a latest version to be secured.

・Please select “Call using Internet Audio” when you enter the meeting room.

  • ・Please book before 11am on the day of your class so that we can send you IDs for sure.



When you cannot hear teacher’s voice

  • →Ensure your speaker is turned on. 
  • →Increase the volume on your mobile device using the volume buttons or notification panel.


How to pin the teacher’s screen?

→Tap “…” above the screen you would like to pin then select Pin or Spotlight Video


















例:週1 火曜日幼児バレエ

週2 火曜日バレエレベル3-4、土曜日バレエレベル1-4




・Kinder 幼児:3歳~6歳(年少~年長)

・Level 1・2:6歳~8歳(1年生~3年生)









〇1回 ドロップイン:¥1,200

〇週1(3 クラス ):¥3,300

〇週2(6 クラス):¥6,000












We are resuming our classes ONLINE next week!


We are excitedly announcing that we offer a special online term from 21 April to 9 May.

There are variety of classes only available online (with ZOOM) and this is going to be a great opportunity for you to try new classes!!

Booking is essential for all classes via email or LINE.

You can just drop in the classes or even choose our special offer with courses of once a week, twice a week and also DANCE PASS for unlimited classes during those 3 weeks!!

Please check the schedule and timetable below and book your space for your exciting dance experience online all from the comfort and safety of your own home!


●How to book the classes?●

Please contact us by email or LINE.

Once a week / Twice a week / Dance Pass

Please book your course by 20 April 6pm.

ex) Once a week for Kinder Ballet Tuesday

ex)Twice a week for Ballet Level3-4 Tuesday and Ballet Level1-4 Saturday

Drop in / Dance Pass

Please let us know which class would you be in by 11am on the day of the classes so that we can share you the ID and password.


●Qualifying Age●

・Kinder :3~5

・Level 1・2:6~8



Adult classes are also available for kids over age 7 in kids classes.



Kids Classes

〇Drop in(1 Class):¥1,200

〇Once a Week (3 Classes ):¥3,300

〇Twice a Week (6 Classes):¥6,000

〇Dance Pass (No limit):¥9,000


Adult Classes

1Class ¥1,500


※We take bank transfer or paypal for your payment. Please wait for your invoice to be sent once you have booked your classes.









Online Class Schedule




PDFはこちら(PDF file)